Our Unique Approach

zen stonesPsychodynamic Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis is the therapeutic approach for people who truly want to get at the root of their life distress and emotional suffering. In psychotherapy, the more we are able to talk honestly about ourselves, address our histories, look at our problems — the greater our chances of living a satisfying and fulfilling life.  

Psychotherapy is different than talking things over with a trusted friend or receiving direction from an expert, a teacher or a spiritual advisor.  Psychotherapy is different because (well-trained) psychotherapists are specifically trained to listen carefully, attentively, and without judgement.  In this process you are helped to gain further access to your own thoughts and feelings and then to verbalize them.  When you verbalize, you begin to make sense of what has been in the way of your progress and begin the process of resolving it.  In general, people make progress in their lives when given the opportunity to talk openly in an atmosphere of freedom and acceptance.

Successful psychotherapy is built on a collaborative therapist-client partnership.  This collaboration will enable you to become aware of the formative events of your life not only intellectually — but emotionally, which is the ground for genuine healing and growth.

We have found that people (given the right environment) have the capacity to discover their own answers.  We invite you to discover yours ~  

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