Couples Counseling

zen stonesPeople most often begin their partnerships with high hopes and expectations.  But often, after the beginning is over, individuals find themselves disappointed with their partners and their lack of connection.  This lack of connection shows up in how the individuals communicate.  Do they argue?  Do they blame each other?  Do they go silent and shut each other out? Whatever the pattern  —  these kinds of destructive interactions become status quo and undermine the original intent — to enjoy each other’s company, to feel close, connected and supported. 

When individuals recognize their disappointment and remain willing to examine their part, take responsibility for their part — good relationships are possible.  Couples counseling offers a safe nonpartisan place to begin to listen to each other and ultimately improve all kinds of communication.  It provides an avenue to address past injuries and resolve long-standing conflicts.

Fundamentally, successful relating has to do with learning to talk, listen and understand each other effectively.

We have found that people (given the right environment) have the capacity to discover their own answers.  We invite you to discover yours ~